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2014-02-28 11:25:36 by PavsterBulldozer

Facebook purchased WhatsApp last week..... are they reading all your convos now?? Who gives a fuck, imagine they read some of the stupid sexual shit we say to eachother hahaha

Hey fellow Newgrounders!!! We're a new small team just trying to produce funny cartoons to entertain you guys. We'll be having cash$$$ prizes soon once we get more popular and if we don't... then we'll continue our 9-5 office jobs and hate life lol :(


Check out our newest cartoon if ur interested in our work!! It's titled WHATSAPP ZUCKERBERG



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2014-02-28 12:47:39

Saw this a while ago man. Good one, Dude. It does beg to ask who the hell is watching us...what about NoSuchAgency? How bad do they have this problem? Just wondering....

PavsterBulldozer responds:

They can watch me all they want, all I do is make cartoons, get drunk and masturbate haha i'm no threat to anyone. But seriously speaking, if it prevents terrorist attacks from happening and possible murders let them watch us all they want. With all the social media and chitter chatter nowadays noone has privacy anyways to be honest. At least it helps people be more open these days and communicate with eachother


2014-04-22 20:02:21

this guy is dead again he fucked us again!