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Need female voices for new cartoon of mine :)

2014-08-06 11:24:48 by PavsterBulldozer

Hey girls, I'm working on a new short cartoon series and require some voices! Message me if you have a good microphone and are able to record in quality. I've made cartoons in the past that have got just under 1 million views here on Newgrounds so who knows, maybe this one will be a hit too :)



800 000 view cartoon club;


1 million club ;)


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2014-08-06 16:40:52

I'd love to help but yeah... I'm a man.


2014-08-07 17:05:15

Hopefully there aren't too many proods on here that'll wine about voicing in one of your sick minded genius creations! This is Newgrounds after all. Take it or leave it, gals.


2014-08-07 19:43:43

oooooo!!! :D


2014-09-08 22:23:09

Thank god, I was starting to worry that I wouldn't be getting any more of your wonderful humor. Too bad I'm a guy, I'd love to help out.


2014-09-29 10:33:15

Dude, how you lost such big auditory? May be you Wade Fulp can help you?